Artist's Brick Lane
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Inspire yourself from the eye of an East London Artist

Perhaps the most famous East London area, Brick Lane area is world famous for its graffiti and a vibrant fashion/music residents community. The area has a very colourful history. To name a few, Jack the Ripper was active around this area, Alexander McQueen used to visit here for inspiration, and more!

Recent years Brick Lane's weekend market has gained so much popularity among tourists which transform the area to a more tourist oriented setting... Something which Locals would avoid. However to Locals, Brick Lane still has more to offer.

The tour starts every Wednesday so that you would not be greeted by that swamp of tourist most people now associate Brick Lane's with. We would take a look at Brick Lane's history and visit some of its most famous graffiti work. We would end at our favourite local cafe / pub for some refreshments!

If you are interested, book my experience below now! Hope to see you all soon!

£ 35.00 per person
Artist's Brick Lane
Location Brick Lane, London, UK Availability Every Wednesday Afternoon Duration 120 Minutes
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Quindici, Chung
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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